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I remember the first time I heard the word “Pinterest” out load in a conversation. It was at a christmas party over 3 years ago and two of my aunts and one of my cousins would not shut up about it. I was blown away by the idea and the fact that I had never heard about it until that day. I would soon find out that part of the reason I had never heard about it was due to the simple fact I was a guy!

I’m the first to admit that when it comes to new forms of social media, I’m usually the last to jump aboard. In fact back in my college days it took a friend to create a facebook account FOR ME, as I thought it was all nonsense LOL! Lets face it, Pinterest is still pretty freakin “girly” and as a male I would never openly tell people I’m a member. But with all that said and done, using Pinterest as a marketer is a completely different story ūüėČ

I’m going to let you in on exactly how I use Pinterest for affiliate marketing that you can blatantly copy and use for yourself. First of all to copy and past my method you MUST use it as a Start Potty Training ClickBank affiliate and not for any of my competitors… Obviously!

More and more affiliates are discovering the power behind Pinterest to send traffic. With this discovery comes increasing pressure on Pinterest to keep the spammers away. I’m going to give you both the short term method that bings in quick cash. I will also show you the long term method I have perfected, so you can set it up once and know it will still be making you money a year from now.

First off, nothing can happen until you have these 3 things set up:

1. Your Start Potty Training hop link ( )
2. A Pinterest account ( )
3. Your own domain name ( )

With more and more marketers seeing the potential in getting traffic from Pinterest, they are now taking action to fight off spam. The first move they made so far has been to eliminate all forms of URL shorteners. This is why #3 above is now a necessity. The second method they are getting wise on is a method where the photo you tag is from a different URL than the page the image links to… More on this a little later!

Nothing happens on Pinterest until there is a good image worthy of repins. You want to use an image that is gripping, will go viral and has a clear call to action. For this I created what is called an “Infographic” and works miracles when it comes to Pinterest. Take a peek and feel free to use the infographic I created below:

How amazing is this?!! This works on so many levels it’s¬†ridiculous. It educates, entertains and¬†because¬†of its sheer size, it takes up a load of space on Pinterest boards. This makes it¬†incredibly¬†clickable and¬†insanely¬†repinable!

Now for the best way to promote this for long term success?

Create an affiliate page on your site just for this method. The top of the page should be your review for Start Potty Training followed by a large clear call to action. Below the review, include this infographic. From there sign in to Pinterest and pin the infographic and have it point to your new affiliate page. The way Pinterest is going, it is now very important that the image you pin links to the actual page the image is on.

Have the infographic one big clickable button pointing to your ClickBank Hop link and below it put the pinterest pin button code (Found Here)

 And for that short term success method I promised you: 

The concept is very simple but Pinterest will eventually flag your pin.

First you need to create a page within your site that instantly redirects to your affiliate hop link. The reason we do this is because like mentioned above, Pinterest automatically is blocking all affiliate links and URL shorteners.

Stick this code directly below the <head> tag on your page and edit in your affiliate link:

<meta HTTP-EQUIV=”REFRESH” content=”0; url=”>

Be sure to replace AFFILIATE with your ClickBank nickname!

Now you have a page that redirects directly to my sales page with your hop link!

Interested In Using This Method To
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Written by Derek

Went to college for FireFighting and came out the other end a full time Internet Marketer. Thanks to his success online he prides himself on never having to have worked a real life J.O.B. and dedicates his time to helping his affiliates make money full time!

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