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PPC networks can be a real bitch to crack if you are new to the game. I want to shine light on a method I have been using for years to uncover hidden keywords that are sure to bring in some profitable conversions. In fact, I use this method for every niche i’m in to add $140+ WEEKLY to my bottom line.

First let me explain how my method came to be…

Early on in PPC I learned that the easiest way for me to sell more and steal business away from my competitors at the same time, was to shamelessly outbid them for their name as the keyword on PPC networks. Search any of my competitors on any search engine and BOOM! There would be an ad for my products above the ad for theirs…

Best part is, my competitors did the hard work trying to sell them the first time around and people searching their name are ready to buy but just want to know more about the author. They land on my site and because my sales letters are so much stronger than the competitors, nine times out of ten they will go with my product instead.

First things first, Open up the word editor or spread sheet program of your choice and a new tab in your browser. We are going to find all the known names in your market from three different locations on the internet. As we find a new name record it!


Method #1 Click Bank:

This is our first stop and we should find lots of names to add to our list here. For this example i’m going to use my own Potty Training niche to show you how it is done! If you are currently an affiliate of my Start Potty Training product or want to be now, feel free to use my work here for yourself!   Step one is to visit clickbank.com, click Marketplace and then search for all the product in your niche by popularity or by gravity.

This will bring up a long list of websites listed in their marketplace. For now I would ignore all the products with a gravity less than 20 to save time, but if pickings are slim go ahead and use the sites you can ranked top in the listings for that niche. Simply visit the website and look for their names either at the very top of the sales copy or directly at the bottom. For videos you might have to watch the first five minutes or so. Jot the name down and move on to the next listing!

Method #2 Google:
Before we launched StartPottyTraining.com in the clickbank marketplace we sold it privately for well over 4 years with enormous success through PPC and SEO alone. If your are selling a clickbank product do not limit your thinking to only other clickbank products are competitors. Anyone and everyone in the same niche you are in is competing against you.
Start with the sponsored search and look for sites selling guides as well. Then move on to the organic listings and look for others selling products (both digital andphysical) in your niche. Make note of any names associated with the sites.

Method #3 Amazon:

This is the part most PPC marketers never even think of and what gives me some of the most profitable keywords in my PPC campaigns. Visit Amazon.com, set your search to the books category and just type in your niche. You should be given pages upon pages of book listings but to make this worth while, only focus on recording the authors names that have had over 40 reviews.
Even if a product has received loads of negative reviews still add it to your author name keyword list. Why go for reviews with over 40 reviews you ask? The reason I set this for my standard is that we want to find books that are popular and people will buy. By all means go ahead and add every author name under the sun, just don’t expect for the names to me searched all that much… let alone people clicking on your ads.

My Personal Ad Copy For Competitor Ad Campaigns:
If we are going to take away competitors business by outbidding them for their own names, we better be damn sure to proceed with cation when creating our ads. The LAST thing we want to do is include their personal name within the ad. Most authors out there have incorporated or trademarked their own name as their business identity (think Dr. Phil) and by using their name in an ad, you have now given them legs to come after you so to speak.
Stay away from rookie marketing tactics like including the words like “scam” in your ads… Brainy Affiliates like ourselves are to be respected marketers their raise our industry to a higher level. Let me give you my person ad I use for PPC when bidding on competitor names:
This ad brings me in a consistent 4% click through rate and I can sleep well at night knowing my competitors cannot do a single thing about it!
Take This Method To The Next Level:
So we have already thought out of the box and added finding author names from Amazon to our PPC master plan… But we wouldn’t be “Brainy Affiliates” if we didn’t take it to the next level. Hopefully you are pre selling through review pages by this point, here is the best way to do it when using this method. Run the ad campaign for a week so you have built up enough statistics to see what names get searched most. Start with the author name with the highest number of impressions and create a custom review comparing their product to the one you are promoting. Dig up all the negative reviews they have on amazon and be sure to mention them in your pre sell – Contrasting the failures of the amazon guide against where the places of the product you are promoting succeed. Pre selling this way is “brainy” for a whole slew of reasons!
  1. Your PPC keywords will receive a higher quality store because the authors name will be used in the pre sell copy.
  2. Because your quality score is higher, your cost per click with be reduced
  3. People searching competitors names will get a direct explanation of why they should buy the guide you recommend over the one they thought they wanted.
So there you have it… Try this tactic out for yourself and be sure to leave a comment below how well it worked out for you! Create an ad that outperforms the one I provide you with? Be sure to come back here and share it within the comments.
Know of another source to find highly searched competitor names?
You guessed it, spill the beans in the comments below to help out other Brainy Affiliates!

Written by Derek

Went to college for FireFighting and came out the other end a full time Internet Marketer. Thanks to his success online he prides himself on never having to have worked a real life J.O.B. and dedicates his time to helping his affiliates make money full time!

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